Licensing and Appointments



Annuity licensing and appointment

Get Appointed with Reliance Standard.

Are you a licensed agent (Financial Professional) who would like to offer Reliance Standard fixed or fixed index annuity products to your clients?

Step 1 - Selling agreement

To begin selling Reliance Standard annuities, check with your broker dealer or agency.  Your broker dealer or agency must have or establish a selling or agent agreement with Reliance Standard. The agreement specifies which annuity products are available for your broker dealer or agency to sell.

Reliance Standard will work closely with your broker dealer or agency to establish a solid working relationship and clarify roles and responsibilities. Once the agreement is established, the appointment process can begin

Step 2 - Getting appointed or contracting

Financial professionals with broker dealers or agencies

In order for you to sell our annuities, you must be appointed by Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company.

To sell our annuities, you will need to provide the following:

  • Completed Appointment Application

    Brokers contracting via Independent Marketing Organization (IMOs)

    Due to the brokerage compensation structure, you need to contact your IMO for the appropriate appointment form, agreement, and any supplemental forms to complete. Your IMO must authorize that paperwork and forward it to Reliance Standard. Once your agreement and appointment(s) are finalized by Reliance Standard, you will be provided a producer/agent code.

    General licensing guidelines

    Any individual soliciting insurance products must be licensed and appointed as follows:

  • In the state where the agent resides,
  • In the state where the contract owner signs the application.

You must also complete

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) Training,
  • Product Specific Training, and
  • State mandated CE training required to solicit fixed and fixed index annuity applications.

Contact Information

If you have questions, call the Reliance Standard Annuity Sales Desk  at 1-800-435-7775 ext 3696 or via email to [email protected]